Hello from The Sound of the Ladies, makers of music and singers of songs. Here we’ve collected all our songs about sadness and joy and songs about science and ideas; songs about stuff that grows on the ocean floor and helps your libido, songs about a man with one million heads and one million hands; songs about mathematicians thrown into the sea for their dangerous ideas; songs about the power of love to drive away nightmares.

You can find out what they’re up to in the monthly podcast featuring new songs, covers, and live versions:


Martin Austwick released Through Intermittent Rain under his own name in 2014:

Half the songs on Kill it With Fire are by Martin, guess which:

The Sound of The Ladies’ most recent album The City of Gold and Lead, released in 2012, is available here:

You can listen to the Sound of The Ladies’ debut album, We went to the bottom of the Ocean, here:

There is other, older, stuff on the bandcamp page too. Or for songs about science, the Dr Martin Austwick album Songs from the scientific cabaret is here:

Other notable appearances

The Sound of The Ladies’ “Day of The Snail” appears on the GeekPop “Geek Like Me” minialbum:

Martin Austwick plays guitar on Overdrive Orchestra’s “Never Outnumbered” EP

*If you don’t have paypal or a credit card, or would like a physical CD version, just email me and we can sort something out.

27 Responses to Music

  1. I love <3 :]

  2. Wow! Love your music, mate! Tease us with more… PLEASE!!!

  3. It sounds lovely, but I can’t properly appreciate it because your voice is already affixed in my brain as a humorous voice (from Answer me this), so I keep expecting to be amused only to be disappointed as you sing some rather nice music. Maybe a vocoder would help so as to transform your voice into something less recognisable, so I could listen with no humorous connotations?

    Thanks for putting it here though!

  4. Martin Austwick

    Any time.

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  6. Absolutely love the latest demos, your music keeps up when I’m feeling down,no matter how cliche that sounds.

    I tried to download the latest demos but I only came up with a page which played the songs, not download them. Have I done something wrong?

    Keep it up.

  7. If every song was like , I would not mind for a single second in the eternity that I’d play your music. Admittedly, all the others are mind-bendingly brilliant.

  8. Martin Austwick

    Like ” “? Which one? If you tell me, I can bottle the formula!

    Instead of clicking the link to download, try right-clicking and “save link as”. You should then get a dialogue box and you can save it to your computer.

  9. Hand Punches Air Is My Favourite Keep The Amazing Work. I Wish I Had Your Skills !! = ]

  10. Gareth from Glasgow

    Really like the Up… demo, it sounds amazing already.

  11. wow i’m so jealous!!!! i love science and i wish i could play music! to me you have it all!

  12. Martin Austwick

    It’s never too late for science, kids. Put down that guitar and pick up that microscope.

  13. Really love the music, End Music is my fave , so pleased to get the download as i had to keep playing the podcast version.

  14. Hello Martin,

    Thanks for wonderful sounds.. It’s amazing that you have time to do so many things.. Maybe PhD is just to easy in Britain :):):)

    I would like you to post this one:

    Helen and Olly Answer Me This
    I don’t want you to dance or kiss
    But reveal your theories, and take off your muzzle
    ponder my queries and solve this puzzle
    Swell, good golly you crazy kids
    Ho Helen and Olly Answer me this..

    I like all your jingles except the one where Helen imitates an old woman. I can’t stand that one.

    I suggest you guys should do top ten competition for your jingles. People can vote their fav one and you will have a winner.

  15. just wanted to say congratulations on all your music so far its really brilliant and i hope you make it big someday, if thats what you want,

    especially enjoyed the live album ive had it on repeat for about 4 hours and am currently saving to complete my back catalougue

    please keep making great albums, much luck in the future

    jack [=

  16. Martin Austwick

    Thanks Jack. Things are a bit busy at the moment, but I’m hoping to record new material shortly. Watch this space.

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  18. Could you please put up the Bjork jingle from the superlative Joanna Neary? Opinions are mixed on the Facebook thread, but I think it’s one of the greatest pieces of comedy I have ever witnessed.

    Great work y’all!



    i swear, you are brilliant, i love amt and your music, almost the only soft music i like, as most of my music is heavy metal. you help me get sleep aswell, only problem is i wake up and half my battery is dead. still, your awsome. jacob forsyth davies

  20. Martin – thanks for The Merch Song – you’re awesome!

    I had a great afternoon doing the ‘Martin the Soundman jigsaw’!

  21. Gareth from Glasgow

    Is the Bloody Ball jingle based on a certain Ben Folds song? Cant hear it myself…

  22. Martin Austwick

    Imagine the beginning section of “Underground” performed by someone who can’t play piano…

    “Who’s got the brains, who’s got the looks, who’s got everything?”

  23. Gareth from Glasgow

    Aah. The old ones are the best :)

  24. Just been listening to the Kill It With Fire album and I absolutely love it – new soundtrack to my angry feminist leftie lifestyle. :) Feels like something between therapy and a workout for what remains of my teenage-girl-years rage…

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  26. And the book was called Answer me this…
    who made this one, please?
    Through Intermittent Rain is ace, everyone should buy at least one copy.

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